Do I need any experience?
No experience is required. We actually enjoy teaching the first timer!

Do I need to be in great shape?
No, it is good if you are of moderate fitness. Our tours are on flat water and go at a slow pace. We take frequent breaks to tell stories and talk about the ecology.

What if we don’t like the weather on the day of our tour?
We do kayak in wind and rain. If you however do not feel comfortable in the conditions of the day you may reschedule your tour to suit you comfort level.

What do I need to bring on a tour?
Bring lots of water, snack, sunscreen, sunglasses with strap, insect repellent, disposable camera or dry bag and camera.

What should I wear on a tour?
Dress for the weather. In the summer that means shorts and a t-shirt. Synthetic nylon clothing will dry quicker then cotton. If it looks like rain you can bring a rain coat. If it is a cool, off-season day you should wear layers, fleece jackets are great. It is not a bad idea to bring a towel along with a change of clothes for after the tour, especially if you are looking to go to dinner after a sunset tour.

How young can a kayaker be?
Any age as long as they are 30 lbs or more and in a two person kayak with an adult. Our smallest life jacket is made to fit a 30 lb child. Our shortest tour for children is on the water for about 1 ½ hours. This time goes quickly and most children are great, some even fall asleep with the motion of the kayak.

How old can a kayaker be?
Any age, especially if they are in a two person kayak with a strong kayak partner, the double kayaks are perfect for this scenario. You may also want to choose one of our more sheltered from the wind tours (i.e., Alligator River or Maritime Forest).

How old do you have to be to go in a single kayak?
We recommend that a kayaker should be 13 years or older to go in their own kayak. That being said, we have done as young as 8 because that child had prior kayak experience. Children under 13 in their own kayak do pay the adult fare.

Can we drink alcohol on your tours?
No, our insurance company does not permit this.

Can we smoke cigarettes on your tours?
No, it bothers other paying customers and is a wild-fire hazard.

What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding?
Stand up paddle boarding and stand up paddle surfing also known as SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the world. The sport was invented in the 1930’s, but the act of paddling in the stand up position may date back 7,000 years. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, Hawaiian surfers, know as “beach boys” took outrigger canoe paddles and paddled out on solid redwood surf boards to take pictures of tourists learning how to surf. The sport regained popularity in 1995 as Hawaiian watermen Dave Kalama and Laird Hamilton rediscovered the sport on a calm day with little waves. They did as the “beach boys” did and took outrigger canoe paddles and paddled out on their longboards. Laird took it to the extreme, and used the extra speed he could generate while stand up paddling to get him into larger waves without the assistance of a motorized tow-in. Eventually the sport made its way to California where it caught the interest of Hollywood celebrities as a hip exercise and core workout. Today its popularity has spread to every type of waterway in our country.

Is Stand Up Paddle Boarding the right sport for me?
This is a sport for anyone looking for a new fun adventure. The paddle boards come in all shapes and sizes to fit anyone. You can take it real slow and explore calm waters, or you can take it out on the ocean and learn to ride the waves. However you choose to SUP you will get a great workout and discover a whole new kind of fun.

Why should I SUP with Coastal Kayaks?
Our professionally trained instructors will make learning to stand up paddle board easy and fun. We have high end paddle boards in various sizes to accommodate all paddlers. Not only will you get the lesson, but you will be able to practice your new skills at one of our tour locations on a guided tour with your instructor. Choose either the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, or the Kitty Hawk Maritime Forest and Marsh.

What kind of SUP equipment do you use?
We are using high quality epoxy/fiberglass boards from Yolo in various sizes to fit paddlers of all sizes and ages. We also have the Yolo Yak which is perhaps the most stable SUP on the market for those that need more stability.

Tell me more about your Stand Up Paddle Board Tours
We are currently offering SUP tours at the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, and the Kitty Hawk Maritime Forest and Marsh. The tours start out with a lesson which will teach you how to get on to your board and to your feet. You will learn the basic paddling strokes with proper technique to make paddling fun and safe. These tours cost $70 per person and last 2 hours.

Do you offer Ocean Stand Up Paddle Board Tours?
Yes. These tours are more challenging and adventurous, recommended for those who are comfortable on a paddle board and with the ocean. We begin with a discussion on ocean safety and what to look for before entering the ocean. We will teach you how to get onto your board and paddle through the surf on your knees. Once we have paddled beyond the surf zone we are to our feet and paddling the ocean. After touring the coastline in search of dolphin, we will teach you how to safely navigate the waves to return safely to the beach. This ocean SUP tour cost $90 per person and we only go out if the conditions are safe.

Do you offer SUP Surf Lessons?
Yes. This lesson is for those who have had prior SUP experience and are comfortable with the ocean. We start out with a discussion on ocean safety, how to identify rip currents, and how to read the waves. We will identify a good place to paddle out and surf a safe distance away from other surfers and swimmers (surfers etiquette). We will teach you how to judge the waves, get into position, catch and ride the wave. SUP surf lessons are $110 per person and will only go out in safe conditions.