Special Tour Operation Status – Regarding Reservations & Coronavirus

May 11, 2020

Kayak tour offerings will begin May 16th as Private and small group options.

Until our reservation page is complete, please call for further tour information and reservations. If you are a resident of the Outer Banks, we will be offering private tours the week of May 10th – May 15th.

Thanks for you patience and please do not hesitate to call, text, or email for the latest updates.

For anyone looking to change a reservation please email us.

Joe O’Grady



outer banks kayak tour - carp spawning

Carp Spawning


Three Factors that Trigger Carp Spawn

Common Carp spawning is triggered by three factors: water temperature, day light, and water level.  The conditions, not the days of the calendar dictate the spawn. When all three conditions align in the spring the carp will spawn.

This video was shot by one of our guides today doing a kayak tour in the maritime forrest.

Stand up Paddle Board Tour with Stairs family – Maritime Forest

I had a great time stand up paddle boarding with the Stair family. We paddled a mile out to the sound into the wind and rode the wind all the way back to the Maritime Forest!

Paddle Board Tours

Doing some yoga on our new Yolo paddle boards!

Sunset Kayak Tour at Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary

Danny leading a sunset tour at the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary